Sometimes I wish we could take a little advice from the past and dress up just for simple occasions. Dressing up is just fun. When you get to look your best, you feel your best. So maybe wearing a fancy dress or a suit and tie isn’t practical when going to the grocery store, but we all need a night to clean up a little. It’s time to put away the summer casual clothing for a few hours and get dressed up. Whether you have a big event already planned or you and your friends just decide to create one, there is always a reason to look fancy—Iggy Azalea taught us that one.

This Fashionisto is looking mighty dapper in his perfectly fitted suit. Guys, there’s nothing more important than a tailored suit! Girls want you to look like Chuck Bass not an awkward 16-year-old drowning in his jacket at his first prom. How a suit fits is key. This Fashionisto’s navy and white ensemble could not scream southern gentleman more. It has always been a tradition in the south to dress your best. Charleston is full of 20-somethings who definitely try and uphold the fashion standards. He pairs his navy blazer with a white button-down, which is left unbutton to make the outfit a little more casual. He then completes his look with a pair of white trousers, amazing loafers, a pocket square and a pair of sunglasses. His pocket square adds a pattern to the look. A pocket square allows you to show off some personality, while still looking professional.

Whether this Fashionisto is going to an interview, important event or first date he is sure to impress everyone in a room. This Southern gentleman is dressed to impress.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to dress up! If you don’t have a reason to wear a suit, create one! Have a fun night out with your friends. Take risks; that’s what fashion is all about!”