STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Styling Business Casual

It is another mid-summer week of discovering Fashionistas/os in the CollegeFashionista world. I’ve been wanting to explore what our daily Fashionistos are wearing and coveting. Men’s fashion is its own revolutionary and exciting realm that I’m not an expert in, but styling my male friends is just as fun as picking out my own outfits in the morning. This week, I’ll be discussing the business casual look that my Fashionisto is pulling off for his summer internship and how one can recreate the professional, yet youthful look.

The outfit begins with a navy dress shirt that the Fashionisto prefers to wear with a three-quarter sleeve. The proportion is always an option with the dress shirt that draws a casual factor.  He tucks the shirt in a pair of beige chino pants cinched in the waist with a black belt. The slim fit and the neutral tone of the chinos make it easy to pair with any choice of dress shoes. In his case, the Fashionisto wears burgundy, suede brogues to add a splash of color that corresponds with the navy. The outfit is made more laid back with his rad choice of accessories, beaded bracelets and aviator sunglasses.

It is always an enjoyable challenge for me to write about men’s fashion. The business casual look is an essential practice for Fashionistos who work in more professional summer jobs. It is definitely appropriate in the office and after work activities. Keep an eye on proportions and keep it fun with colored shoes!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “There are no rules to style. Wear what makes you, you.”