STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Styled for a Startup

Interning or working at a startup is one of the most popular new ways to make connections and get great experience for college students who are soon to be a part of the workforce. One of the coolest perks of working at a startup to us Fashionistas is that they tend to embrace a young, quirky vibe making the dress code an opportunity for showcasing everyone’s own personal style in a professional way. The dress code is usually so lax at these kinds of businesses in order to mirror their modern and nonconventional ways of doing things, which ultimately (and hopefully) will make them successful.

When you’re lucky enough to be allowed to bring your personal fashion sense to a job, staying professional can get a bit tricky. This Fashionisto, who currently works full-time at a startup, perfectly shows off his own style while still looking qualified to take on whatever task is thrown at him. The key to what makes his ensemble work-appropriate and not childish is the great Levi Brand khaki jacket he threw over a pretty hipster-inspired outfit. This unique piece is the perfect balance between professional and casual; the high quality khaki fabric gives off a mature vibe while the structure and button-up detail brings the same casual greatness as a jean jacket. Arguably the best part about this outerwear is that it’s a totally uncommon piece that sets this Fashionisto apart from the other employees at his job.

If you’re a Fashionisto looking for how to stay stylish at your new job at a startup, check out how this guy put a cool khaki jacket over a funky button-down and Levi Brand Jeans to look professional yet cool.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “This Levi jacket turned out to be one of my greatest pieces in my wardrobe. Finding a stable item that can be both dressed-up and down is key when working somewhere like a startup.”