STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Style On, Rain or Shine

Winter is coming, and you can feel the cold breeze in the air. Getting out of bed each morning seems harder and harder, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop stepping up your style. With the cold air and the snowflakes that we are patiently waiting for comes a great time for comfy sweaters and scarves. Who doesn’t love a big knitted scarf that keeps you warm while walking down the streets in ten degree weather? Pull that knitted scarf out that your grandmother made you and make it a statement for your winter outfit! This Fashionista is a great example of how to rock an outfit even through a dreary day.

She didn’t let the cold rainy day stop her from looking her best. She is wearing a big comfy turtleneck sweater wrapped with a statement scarf that is sure to keep her nice and warm. The colors tied into the scarf allow it be a very transitional sweater working with most outfits. Instead of just pairing a simple pant with it, she decided to put on a green skirt that adds a neat dimension to her outfit. The booties she chose have a perfect size heel and help tie a brown bag into the outfit. With beautiful red locks, the warm colors like brown and green bring out a unique flare. Her hair is the perfect color for a scarf like that allowing the colors to work perfectly with her hair and complexion.

If the temperature is a bit too low for a skirt, you can add a pair of tights underneath to keep your legs nice and warm. You could also pair this sweater with jeans, which would be sure to work with the browns of the outfit.

Now is the perfect time to add layers and tie new things into your outfit. Big neutral colored sweaters allow you to pair it with almost anything creating a new outfit for an entire week with it on!