STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Strictly Shades Of Gray

Here in Florida you might think we wear bathing suits all year-round. While that is completely true, most of us also feel the need to mix it up by layering or sporting some winter wear on occasion. However, with temperatures at an all time high, 90 degrees and a sweater just sounds like a lot of sweat. The stylish students on campus have found a way around this heated dilemma in order to stay trendy this spring without delving into floral and pastels.

Going with an all-black and -white ensemble is a bold statement that can be pulled off by anyone who seeks to be chic. What I love about this Fashionisto’s outfit is that although he sticks with the monochromatic theme, his plaid pants, white shoes and other accessories gives this grayscale look some depth. When wearing an all-black ensemble you may feel the need to add a pop of color in order to stand out from the crowd. Instead, try adding some equally black and white patterned pieces to your look, like this Fashionisto did. His simple black T-shirt paired with some perfect plaid pants create a chic, basic look. He then added an assortment of black and white themed accessories, from his sporty graphic black watch, vintage silver key pendant and black shades he is head to toe back in black.

Don’t be timid when it comes to wearing a completely monochromatic ensemble, especially this spring. Instantly, become that mod Fashionista/o you’ve always thought of yourself as, by wearing strictly styling shade of gray. Dare to dream in black and white.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “I go for a minimalistic style with subtle details.”