STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Staying Cool In the Cold

The leaves are falling and probably your grades as well, but hey, that shouldn’t stop you from wearing cute clothes! I know for me when it gets this time of year I want to stay in my warm bed a little longer and that leaves me no time to do my hair or pick out a cute outfit. Good thing hats are very trendy right now and I can just throw one on when I’m having a bad hair day or not. T-shirts and cardigans are my best friend at this point in the season because you can take off the cardigan when it gets to hot and add more layers when it gets chilly.

This Fashionista styled her fedora with an edgy twist. That’s the thing about hats, you can make it girly and dress it up or you can make it edgy and casual. She wore a flannel coat with a hooded cardigan underneath to add some layers and a rockin band T-shirt. This Fashionista took her edginess to a new level with her patched jeans. Her pants add so much to the outfit.

Not only is this ensemble stylish and trendy, it is also perfect for the bipolar Utah weather. The hooded cardigan underneath the flannel coat is perfect layering for frigid mornings and for the sunny afternoons you can just tie the cardigan around your waist and your outfit will still be on point. The hat can also keep your head warm and fashionable. The hat ties it all together! This outfit is perfect for fall time.

Well “hats” all folks!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice is to not let cold weather stop you from staying stylish and trendy!”