Winter weather brings a lot of different challenges for the Fashionsta/o. Sometimes it’s hard to express your style under all the heavy jackets and layers, but this Fashionisto makes it work. With a sleek and edgy look, he keeps it cool in this freezing weather!

This Fashionisto wears a textured open stitch black sweater from AllSaints. The sweater is partly see-through, so you could wear a different patterned or colored shirt underneath to add a pop of individuality. He pairs the sweater with black skinny jeans from H&M. You can never go wrong when you wear the color black and this Fashionisto definitely stays true to this rule. Keeping a dark palette in your wardrobe is absolutely perfect for winter.

His Lacoste chukkas keep the edgy theme going with light gray suede. The suede material adds a fresh feel to his cold weather ensemble. These shoes could be worn in either summer or winter and they add a subtle touch of color to the outfit.

For accessories, this Fashionisto wears a classic brown leather Michael Kors watch. This watch gives his outfit a hint of sophistication that combines nicely with the otherwise grungy look. Anyone could achieve this Fashionisto’s winter style! Create a monochromatic look with interesting fabrics and pair it with timeless and versatile accessories.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Make sure that your outfit matches and don’t clash a lot of bold colors together, because then you will look much more put together.”