STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Statement and Transitional Pieces

October 14th, 2015 at 2:10am

Bye bye summer, hello fall. As the warm weather says it’s final goodbyes, Fashionistas all over the world hang up the high-waisted shorts and crop tops welcoming the much awaited layered outfits. If you happen to live anywhere in the south *cough cough* Virginia, you know that even though October has finally hit, the weather can go anywhere from 75 degrees one day to fifty degrees and raining the next.

But, don’t pack your summer pieces just yet! As busy college students, we need everyday outfits that can accommodate to any sudden weather change, but still be season appropriate. And although the season is in for warmer colors, there are still some very fun summer pieces that would fit great into our fall wardrobe as transitional pieces. Think skirts and fine-knit cardigans.

This Fashionista’s in-between-season outfit, features the perfect amount of layering and basics you can find right in your closet. Her dark sleeveless denim top balances out the neutrals of her black pleaded uniform skirt. The denim shirt is one-step summer dressing, but requires a little something extra for actual fall temps so she layered the crisp top with a grey fine-knit cardigan.The eye-catcher of her ensemble (besides that stunning red lip) are her burgundy patent leather oxfords, which work well with the fall color scheme. This outfit is perfect for the typical cool fall morning yet scorching afternoon.

Know for a fact that the weather won’t warm up? Make this outfit cold weather ready by adding a pair of opaque tights and swapping out the light cardigan for a warmer sweater, jacket or blazer.

This Fashionista says she gets a lot of her inspiration from people she sees around campus or online: “I’ll frequently see an outfit I like and jot down ‘lilac nail polish’ or ‘high-waisted shorts plus cable knit sweater plus ankle boots’.”

Transitioning your favorite summer outfit into your fall wardrobe only takes a little bit of layering. The transitional period is the perfect time to experiment with the best of both worlds.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Center your outfit around a standout item!”