I’m currently taking a fashion forecasting class in which we are analyzing trends, upcoming and past, and the different consumer groups wearing these trends. People will generally fall into one of the following categories: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards. Most of us who are fashion obsessed are most likely either categorized under an innovator or an early adopter. This concept has had me thinking lately. To belong to either an innovator or early adopter category you have to be rather audacious and definitely not afraid of what people may think. I think one of the hardest things in relation to fashion in college is being willing to stand out in this way. Campus is packed with girls wearing leggings and T-shirts, guys in shorts or khakis and T-shirts and there’s a small majority of people taking major fashion risks. You’ll see the occasional business student dressed to the nines, but I’m talking about the people who really go all out. These people really interest me, and they have courage and ingenuity which I really admire.

For those of you that don’t know, let me start by giving you a definition of an innovator or an early adopter in fashion terminology. An innovator or early adopter is an individual who is a leader in fashion, always being the first to adopt a trend and possessing a strong need for novelty and uniqueness. I love picking these people out as I walk around campus. They inspire me to be better as I walk by in my Nike shorts and the T-shirt I slept in, desperately clutching my coffee.

Let me introduce you all to this Fashionisto, a true innovator in fashion. He is a retailing major here at the University of South Carolina and is never dressed in the status quo. When I sat down with this Fashionisto to ask him about his outfits and his inspirations I was truly inspired by what he had to say. Most of his outfits are put together from thrifted finds, but with his own twist. He designs his own clothes (that is so cool!). The outfit he is currently wearing is composed of a thrifted jacket that he turned into a vest, paired with a zip up jacket and a printed T-shirt. He’s wearing a deep teal skinny jean, with a subtle print on them. He’s accessorized with spiral earrings, headphones and a killer ring that is very Lady Gaga circa American Horror Story Hotel. His outfit is very carefully pieced together with individually unique elements that all together create a completely one-of-a kind outfit.

Are you crazy inspired yet? I know I am. Go out and wear something different. Pair something unexpected and see what happens. Take a leap for a day and just see how you feel. Tap into your inner creativity and let it overcome you. I promise you you’ll be amazed with what you find.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I do all this every day because I get a rush from finding an item at Goodwill and turning it into something new. Find what gives you a rush.”