Spring is here or just around the corner for some of us! The weather is slowly inching into warm vibes and we are all here for it! However, until the weather gets to where we want it, I found there are ways we can manipulate our looks to be more “springy” and still be moderately warm. This Fashionisto is quite simple and plays on minimalistic themes, but the suede jacket gives it the texture to elevate the entire look.

Jackets, whether suede, or even denim takes an outfit to the next level. To take it even further I would recommend a jacket or sweater that has a pattern on it. This Fashionisto  threw on a simple gray T-shirt from H&M, cuffed denim and a suede jacket with a dark camel tone to give the outfit texture. This look is very New York City-esque and if you are into men’s street style then this look is for you!

To play on the street style looks this Fashionisto put on a cow bone, leather and wax newspaper necklace made by a woman in Uganda. I would not recommend any huge accessories as it can take away from the jacket, but a small necklace will do the trick.

Loafers are easy, and work so easily with cuffed denim jeans! Showing off a little ankle never hurts anyone!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A suede or patterned jacket is a good way to appropriately evoke uniqueness and still dress for the season.”