Growing up, female characters who played sports and hung with the guys were always known as tomboys. They typically wore loose clothing with a signature baseball cap that hid their hair. In 2015 wearing baggy clothing or a baseball hat does not make you as ambiguous as it once did. This Fashionista proves that hats don’t have to be worn solely on bad hair days or for a trip to the ball game.

Baseball hats come in all different colors and styles. This Fashionista chose a loud print that packs a punch. Animal prints can be hard to wear at times because of how much they stand out, but if you have the confidence for it, flaunt it! This hat can be worn both at the gym and out allowing it to become a staple piece in anyone’s wardrobe. Printed hats allow you to change your style in seconds, transforming any bland outfit into a more vibrant look.

Gym clothes outside of the gym has become one of the biggest trends in 2015. It is known as Athleisure. It has become such a major trend that even Beyoncé has collaborated with street wear brand, Topshop, to design a complete athleisure collection and If Beyoncé likes it, it’s definitely worth trying.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always dress in what makes you feel happy and comfortable. Nothing is worse than having to work a 10 hour shift in an outfit I am not feeling like myself in.”