Summer is favored for relaxing at the beach, sleeping late into the afternoon and warm summer bonfire nights. Of course, those days are the best but in reality? Summer can get busier than we thought! Racing out of the house, grabbing the first thing you see in your closet so you’re not late has happened maybe one too many times (possibly even grabbing two different colored flip fops?) This Fashionista has a major trend in her summer outfit that can basically solve any of these last minute outfit problems! Her outfit contains one bold element specifically.

This Fashionista knew what she was doing when she wore this fashionable necklace. The attention is all drawn to this bold necklace. The peach and gold embody fun summer colors and even her fun personality!  Bright pinks, blues, and purples are all welcomed to any summer outfit, especially when paired with solids. The bolder, the better!

The basis of this summer outfit included a simple black top and lovely lace shorts which are very trendy this summer! Adding colorful and bold statement necklaces to simple tops and bottoms like this Fashionista did can really brighten up any outfit—especially if you are in a rush or trying to spice up a simple outfit you just grabbed from your closet.

She was an expert when accenting the necklace with her other accessories. She perfectly paired the chunky necklace with simple gold earnings and a unique black and gold ring, a family heirloom, adding some personality. Don’t worry though; you can get a similar look to the ring she is wearing by finding a gold and black one that matches the rest of the look.

This summer, do not freak out when rushing out the door. Go ahead and grab that simple top and bottoms. Just also grab your big hat, daring shoes or in this case, chunky bright jewelry. Let that one element do the talking on top of your simple outfit and express your personality.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You are never fully dressed without a smile.”