This summer, I have seen so many different styles and accessories that are head to toe fabulous (literally). We’ve all heard about the shoes making the man, but what about the socks? Socks are becoming an extremely fashionable accessory (behind handbags, of course).

This Fashionisto is wearing an Aztec-printed T-shirt with a pair of gray jeans. I really like the choice of shirt because the pattern on it is pretty fun, but not distracting. At first glance, this seems like a pretty normal and casual outfit. Then, bam! Oh, no, he didn’t! This Fashionisto decided to add a little bit more color to his outfit by rocking a pair of pink socks. His bold color choice added a sense of personality to his pair of classic Vans.

This Fashionisto is already wearing a patterned shirt, so a solid colored sock choice was a smart move. The color of the socks does not clash with the outfit, which is the plan. If the shirt was one color, then a patterned sock would be totally acceptable. Cuffing the jeans to show off the stylish trend was also a good decision. This look is perfect for the summer and the fall, especially with the school season right around the corner.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My fellow Fashionistas/os, socks can make for a really nice accessory. Pairing a colorful or patterned sock to a neutral colored outfit can easily make it pop, so try it out this summer.”

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