Alright, let’s address the title of this article. You see “slouchy sweater” and are immediately reminded of your grandma and her infamous kitten crewnecks. Guess again. In fact, there’s nothing I love more than a good oversized sweater. Not to mention, this Fashionista clearly knows how to rock it.

Though an oversized sweater can be dressed up with jeans and a pair of heels, I love that this Fashionista paired hers with a pair of classic black leggings. It’s no secret that yoga pants are out and leggings are in. Though I still own a few pairs of yoga pants for lounging at home, leggings can take you straight from the gym to date night by just a change of shirt and shoes. There’s nothing better than a totally functional trend! I also love this Fashionista’s knitted beanie. Unfortunately, when assembling outfits, hats are often overlooked. Other cute hats that are fun to mix in with casual outfits include floppy hats and berets. This Fashionista not only managed to stay warm by incorporating her hat, but also perfected her effortlessly chic ensemble.

This Fashionista’s jewelry also helped captured her bohemian style. I love her delicate rings, which were really the icing on the cake. Infinity signs are super trendy, but the reason I love this Fashionista’s silver infinity ring is because it is understated. Not all pieces have to be bold, especially when wearing multiple rings or layering other jewelry. Pick pieces that do not compete with each other, but complement your other selections.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Take advantage of warm clothes during the winter and make them fashionable. I love to add beanies and other hats to seemingly simple outfits.”