STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Sinking” Into Spring

Spring has just about sprung on this corner of the East Coast, which means we can all stop holding our breath in fear of another treacherous snow storm. As New Englanders, we can sometimes take a single day of warm weather to an extreme, break out the flip flops and fully embrace any day above freezing. What can I say? It’s in our blood! After all, we drink iced coffee year round and put up with some of the most indecisive weather Mother Nature has to offer… so it’s safe to say we look forward to the relief of spring.

Every year as the temperature rises, a certain trend tends to resurface that alerts us of the warmer days ahead: anchors. As spring and summer begin, the preppy population comes out of hibernation and flourishes during what seems to be their favorite time of year, and anchors are EVERYWHERE. So spring lovers, it’s just about time to take off those jackets and slowly inch your way into your favorite spring pieces.

This Fashionisto perfectly represents that first step in the spring outfit transition by finding the perfect balance for this early April weather. Some days can be more on the chilly side, which makes layering a very practical choice. Here he pairs a short sleeve anchor button-down from J.Crew with a very simple sweater from Old Navy. An important lesson to take away from this look is not to shy away from colored pants! Though they are rather bold, keeping the rest of your outfit relatively neutral can help to create a comfortable balance. Don’t be afraid to throw in subtle patterns and play with textures to make your outfit more fun! Topped off with a comfy pair of Sperry Top- Siders and a Kiel James Patrick anchor bracelet, the nautical vibes begin to surface. With a shiny Rolex watch on hand and H&M sunglasses ready to go, this Fashionisto is totally on board for a perfect spring day.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Rather than ‘preppy’ I prefer the term ‘classic costal’. I just love all the pastel colors, nautical themed accessories—ESPECIALLY anchors and the ocean of course. When it all comes together it is both elegant and comfortable.”