We all remember when the baby doll top was the main trend a few years ago. It was tight from the neckline to just above the ribcage and flowed out from there; covering the primary spot women wished to cover—the stomach. As this trend evolved a new form of top was introduced. The peplum top fixed exactly what the baby doll top lacked, which was a defined waistline. The peplum top trend is tighter a few inches farther down then flows out from there, which creates a a fixed womanly shape. This top highlights the spot all girls wish to be seen; the waist.

Although peplum tops seem to be more structured and made out of a thicker material than most tops for summer, people tend to draw near them during the summer months. The styles range from more business-like to casual depending on the material. New textures and patterns broaden the options of peplum tops available and make it easier to create outfits for different events. Pairing peplum tops with skirts or high-waisted jeans or shorts are popular choices.

The tank top cut of the particular peplum top this Fashionista is sporting makes it perfect for summer regardless of the thicker material. She pairs it with black high-waisted shorts to highlight her waistline even more. This particular top is white with army green stripes, which brightens up the look and keeps it light for summer without being too dark with the shorts. Gold sandals along with gold jewelry really brings this Fashionista’s entire outfit together. Altogether, the look is simple with little details here and there. The textured peplum top along with delicate jewelry showcases this Fashionista’s style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For the summer, I love a good peplum top. Pairing it with a tighter skirt or jeans can dress the look up or down. The versatility of it is amazing.”