Welcome to the ‘50s. This is the radical era of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn enlightening the fashion industry in ways that the world had yet to see. Women’s fashion boomed with individuality and profound declarations of what it meant to be a true trendsetter. Bring on the pleats, petticoats and statement collars produced solely of the boldest patterns and colors of nylon, rayon, wool and leather. A real sense of style became vital to everyday life during the days of this time period. Advertising individual identity within the clothing choices that were made was incredibly important to the ‘50s fashion industry.

Throughout the 1950s, men’s fashion was also revolutionized and altered ever so remarkably that even our generation of trendy men still inquire into the ‘50s for their go-to style inspiration. A leap was taken that converted menswear from prim and proper to effortlessly casual. The glamour of Hollywood and American film swayed much of the incline of the fashion industry. Humphrey Bogart brought with him the recognition of the fedora and trench coat, while James Dean created the genuine essence of rebellion with his leather jacket and white T-shirt accompanied with an irresistible smirk and a lit cigarette. He transformed the meaning of the simple pair of denim jeans, and assisted in evolving men’s fashion as we know it.

This Fashionisto was highly inspired by this generation of fashion icons, specifically James Dean and the popular greaser culture. Swapping out the leather jacket for a red Members Only bomber immediately gives off the vibe of trendy fashion of the past. He paired the jacket with none other than the famous plain white T-shirt. His ripped jeans add the perfect touch of edge, while still maintaining ultimate trendiness. He completed the outfit with the incorporation of leather in his stylish black sneakers, and the black flat-billed hat works to top it all off.

When it comes to finding your own personal style, reach back in the past and incorporate those historical fashion trends into your daily style. Like those chic icons of the 1950s, embrace your individuality, let it inspire others and never shy away from being a trendsetter.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style is directly influenced by what impacts me the most. I love classic films and the classic style that you get from them. This is more of a James Dean look but with a modern day touch to it. The thing I love about fashion and individual style is that I can go from a darker American Horror Story: Hotel feel to a classic Rebel Without a Cause style in just a day. Everybody has their influence. Create your own and dress accordingly.”