During the summer, it is tempting and sometimes nice to play with bright colors and go over-the-top with your outfit, but it is also nice to stick to the basics. By sticking to simple and basic styling, you are able to a breezy natural look during this hot summer.

The Fashionista styled her graphic Gap T-shirt with a pair of khaki shorts. When maximizing a breezy simple look it is essential to stick to the color white. Unlike the color black, white doesn’t absorb sunlight as much and retain the heat, thus is a much cooler and breezy color to wear during the summer. Although a plain white T-shirt would do the trick, choosing a graphic T-shirt can add the just the right amount of flavor to your overall look. This pink “Gap” letters on her T-shirt add a girly and playful flair to the overall look.

Khaki shorts are a definite must-have item for every Fashionista this summer. Why? Well, khaki shorts are not only formal wear often seen as private school attire, but as formal attire during the summer. The tan color is very simple and non-distracting to the overall look and actually blends and complements it instead. The structure or built of khaki’s tends to look seamless and very simple. This simple and plain design is not only acceptable semi-formal summer outings, but also slimming on the body.

In order to balance out the color white, this Fashionista decided to style her outfit with a pair of white low-top Converse. Since the pink Gap letters add just the right amount of pop color to the look choosing to wear plain white Converse helps maintain the simple look. Although sandals may be the go-to foot wear this summer, when you know you are going to be walking all day it is smart to stick to sneakers. Sneakers not only give you the proper foot support, but they also cover and protect your feet from any living bacteria that may be lurking outdoors.

With the temperature in the hundreds, having your hair down may become a hassle as it tends to retain heat around your neck. Making a messy top knot bun is a great way to keep your neck breezy and clear from any heat buildup. It is also fairly easy to do and is a very stylish updo trending this year.

Last but not least, this fashionista decided to style her outfit with a tote bag. Tote bags are the perfect bag for this summer season. They are not only big and can fit about anything and everything you need, but they are also a great bag that is universal to take to any summer event.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Neutral colors don’t have to be boring. Embrace simplicity and let your natural beauty do the talking.”