Hello Fashionistas/os! I hope you are all having a fabulous summer full of fashion! This week we are talking about simple contrast and how it enhances your outfit. Contrast has always been big in fashion but it is so prevalent in fashion today. Everyone wants to stand out and be bold and contrasting colors and patterns is a great way to do so! This Fashionista contrasts colors in such simple ways but it creates an effortless look for the summer.

This Fashionista took a blouse and put it over a strappy dress to create a skirt with a blouse look which is very clever. With the dress being grey and the blouse being white there is our first example of contrast. The light with the dark is so easy to do and most of us do it everyday! The season determines which color should be the main idea of the outfit, since it is summer white is the main idea. Another example of contrast is the shoes, they are black and beige which can be used in the summer or in the winter (great investment!). These shoes only add to the outfit by adding another pop of bold contrast. The black toe ties together the white blouse and grey dress perfectly and the hint of beige on the heel keep the outfit light. Our last example of contrast is with the Fashionista’s necklaces. The layering of necklaces is such a great styling tip, especially in the summer, when big necklaces can weigh you down. The contrast in length keeps these otherwise simple necklaces. The small pendants are ideal because they are not super overwhelming when worn together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style advice ould have to be to just be bold in whatever you do. Don’t do anything halfway, stand out and try something different!”