STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Side Splits for the Win

I’ve been seeing side splits everywhere, and I’m kind of obsessed. I must admit, I wasn’t really into them when they first appeared. They gave off the illusion of an unfinished shirt or an outfit that wasn’t really put together and I just wasn’t feeling the trend. However, once ASOS, my favorite online store, added turtlenecks and sweaters with side splits to their site, I knew I would begin to love the trend. I purchased one of their turtlenecks recently and even though there was a slight discrepancy between the design on the website and the actual shirt I received, I’ve still been wearing the shirt non-stop. I’ve fallen in love with side splits, so I knew I had to photograph this Fashionista when I saw her shirt.

At first glance, it’s not obvious that this shirt has side splits. It could easily be a regular, but still adorable, scoop neck T-shirt. I think that’s a big part of the appeal of side splits. From the front it’s still a regular shirt, but from the side it’s much more exciting. It’s an unexpected surprise in an otherwise normal shirt. My own favorite thing about shirts with side splits is how flowy they feel. I wear mine with skinny jeans and heeled booties, and the flowy shirt on top gives the outfit an amazing shape. However, a shirt with side splits needs to be treated as a shirt, not a dress and you have to wear pants or leggings underneath. It sounds self-explanatory, but over fall break, I saw someone in New York donning a shirt with side splits and nothing underneath. Don’t make that same mistake.

I love the fun pattern on this Fashionistas shirt and the black and white color scheme means it pairs flawlessly with her black jeans. She also gets major props for the ripped jeans, because that’s another trend I’m loving. The white Converse are a great way to keep the outfit comfortable and casual, but switching them out for booties or heels could dress up the look as well. Her coat is a must-have as we get closer to winter and her gray coat continues with the neutral palette of the look. The side-splits are the perfect way to add a little pizazz to the look, while still keeping it cool.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “On days when I go to class, layering is so important. It’s freezing outside, but the classrooms are so hot. A shirt like this with my winter jacket is a good way to ensure comfort in both situations.”