Hello Fashionistas, summer is officially here! I don’t think anyone is as excited as I am for summer. Vacation, a break from college and spending unlimited time with my friends. It would be picture perfect if only the weather would cooperate. Anyone who lives in Ohio knows that the weather here is always unpredictable. But as the spring weather is coming to an end and the summer sun is making its comeback, the wardrobe transition can be a major struggle. I often find myself questioning if I should continue to wear my spring clothes or break out my brand new summer style.

When it comes to layers, summer is the time to express your right to add a layer, take off a layer and make sure you get the most out of your spring and summer staples.This Fashionista is definitely expressing her right to take off a layer, while doing it in the most subtle way. On this day she was wearing a long sleeved cropped top with slitted floral pants and white sandals.

If this shirt isn’t perfect for the summer, then I don’t know what is. This cropped top features a wrap-around, tie-in-back style with a small opening where the fabric crosses. The small opening accents the wrap-around fabric. While the opening shows the slightest of skin, it is very eye-catching and adds to the complexity of the outfit. The bowtie in the back, while not perfect, is what I truly love about this shirt. Any Fashionista could simply tie the back into a perfect dainty bow. However, this Fashionista wrapped it around her, tied it and got on with her busy day. You can tell that she was not driven by perfection, yet the outfit is nothing less.

Personally I think that this Fashionista’s pants should be a wardrobe staple for everyone this season. These pants are ideal for both cold and hot days as they have peek-a-boo slits on each pant leg. While the fabric is chiffon, and mostly see through, these adorable pants also feature built-in shorts. The floral pattern, while typically worn in spring, still stands out just as much now as it did then. The small hints of white on the flowers works to bring the entire outfit together, connecting with the all-white shirt and the white sandals she paired her outfit with. If floral is just not your forte, you can snatch up these adorable striped palazzo pants to rock this summer.

These simple white sandals feature the cutest silver chain detailing, which is not something that is seen everyday. These sandals while contributing to the outfit, stand out just enough to add an accent while not taking away from the boldness of her clothes.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Find an outfit you love, and embrace it. Don’t be afraid to wear your spring staples in the summer—the rules are meant to be broken, and your bank account will definitely thank you!”