STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sharing the Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Here in Hudson Valley, as our very enjoyable fall weather begins to fade away we begin to see less and sun and more clouds. It is very common during the months of December and January to experience “gray days” when it seems as though the sun is in permanent hibernation.

This type of weather inspires us to wear neutral toned colors such as gray, black, nude and even winter white. Much of the clothing we find in stores around this time is constructed with the same boring color story. It is very easy to forget about adding color to our outfits when the weather is so gloomy. Rather than falling into the winter blues or should I say grays and blacks, we must remember to maintain pops of color in our wardrobe.

I came across this Fashionista as she was walking out of class. I noticed that she was able to incorporate color into her outfit while preserving her cozy winter look. On top she is wearing a cozy knit sweater topped with a folk-art-inspired Fair Isle design. The colors on her sweater are extremely complementary of each other. The berry and ivory draw attention to the mustard in the middle. The sleeves on the sweater are long and loose and could be worn over a tank or T-shirt for when it gets colder. She paired this fabulous sweater with a pair of cropped black jeans. Black jeans are the perfect winter go-to. Since this Fashionista is displaying her pop of color on the top, she decided to keep it plain on the bottom. By wearing a pair of simple black jeans the colorful top becomes more evident. She dressed up her look with a pair of heeled ankle booties. Since the weather is still warmer than our usual freezing temperatures, she was able to show a little skin in the ankle area. This adds a little bit of a sexy edge to this snug ensemble. Although our Fashionista kept her accessories simple, she did add a few accents to keep it interesting. Check out her black large faced watch and luminous bangles.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In addition to your grays and blacks, add in some fun pops of color like red, berry, yellow, etc. Keeping the color in our clothes is the first step to beating the cloudy skills and cold weather.”