November 22nd, 2016 at 2:05am

November marks a point in the semester that is all too familiar to the college student; a time when you look around and everything suddenly seems different. The post-midterm angst of your classes is enough to distract you from the sad fact that all the leaves have mostly fallen from the trees and the temperature has finally decided to drop. You then find yourself scrambling around your room in the morning trying to throw an outfit together that will keep you warm and stylish at the same time. You can feel the frustration and impatience for fall break impeding on your ability to concentrate. As stressful a time it is, these late-semester blues don’t have to get the best of you or your wardrobe.

Hues of grey and black don’t have to equate with dreariness. In fact, they are my favorite colors to work with, as they are accompanied by endless possibilities and can make anybody look sleek and chic. This Fashionista has no problem conjuring up a look fit for conquering the downward slope of the semester. Her oversized grey cowl-neck sweater will easily accompany her to class, the library, lunch, even that essential naptime. She recognizes the vital importance of a big sweater in the chilly weather; it is comforting in the midst of warm-weather-nostalgia, but can also be beautifully paired with so many different outfits.

The rest of the outfit is where she really shows she came to conquer. The simple black skirt, easy enough to throw on in the morning, adds a feminine flair to the look. With every step she takes in her suede over-the-knee boots, she will be kept warm and looking edgy. She finishes the ensemble off with simple accessories: a wristwatch, and a long black choker effortlessly tied into the color scheme.

My advice is to use your greys to your advantage during this time of year. Sit down, go through your closet, and find all of your monochromatic pieces. Mix and match all kinds of blacks, greys and whites to create a simple and sleek wardrobe with plentiful options to last you through these crucial days leading up to break. Let your mind and style power through so that you can finally sit back and relax in your big chunky sweater without a worry in the world.