It’s been some years now since denim established itself as a staple in everyone’s closet. The must-have, adored by must of us, is now a basic and almost a neutral. This Fashionisto played with different shades of denim and created a look that is both polished and original.

Sometimes it is easier for men to take the easy road and use the safe formula of jeans and a T-shirt. Nevertheless, this Fashionisto decided to have fun and added a twist to the safe jeans by pairing them with a denim shirt. Furthermore, instead of trying to match the color of his jeans to the color of the shirt, he decided to create a contrast between them. The two different denim colors definitely make this outfit stand out.

As said before, denim is now a neutral. It can be paired with any color and any type of accessories. The Fashionisto created the perfect denim canvas, and added some colorful accessories to break the monotone. His boots are an unexpected turn and create an interesting contrast between his dark washed jeans, and the brown of the boots. His colorful watch calls for attention, and is the definite touch to add more interest into the look.

Denim is meant to be fun and is easy to pair, but we must be careful not to end up in a jean routine. If you really love wearing jeans, try to add some details that make your look different. Pair them with an unexpected top or with some shoes that you would not normally wear with jeans.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try to play with your jeans, wear them in different colors and silhouettes. Also, try an all-denim look; it is easy to wear but will definitely work when making a fashion statement.”