Fighting the urge to wear sweats and hoodies every day in this cold weather is nearly impossible. Cold hands, cold ears, cold everything! Many solve this problem by simply throwing on their thickest winter accessories. I was walking around campus when I came across this Fashionisto that stood out of the crowd. It was a very windy day and extremely cold out, but he carried himself effortlessly with his simple but bundled outfit.

This Fashionisto had on the most eye catching shades, and from taking a quick look up you could see the bright read beanie he paired with his ensemble. Those elements were exactly what stood out the most to me. The way these two bright pieces were paired was actually very pleasant. Accessories like these will always do more than just complete your outfit. They can bring out anyone’s personality as well. As people always say, it’s important to leave everyone with a good first impression, and this guy left a great one.

This Fashionisto was also wearing a simple, black shirt along with straight leg, corduroy pants. He added on a monotone coat that also had some edge and class with a faux fur collar. To finish his ensemble, this Fashionisto decided to wear a simple pair of tan suede boots. You can never go wrong with tan shoes in any occasion.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Being so busy every day and rarely finding the time for anything makes it hard to plan things out. The hardest is trying to plan outfits out and trying to get ready, look decent and be on time! My advice is to always find time to plan out outfits. You will be thanking yourself when you realize how much easier getting dressed will be. Also, make sure that you own at least one pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses will always make you look good, even on your worst days!”