STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Seasonal Playsuits

Rompers, jumpsuits and a splash of floral! This Fashionista seriously sparked some major style inspiration with her floral romper. Rompers have been around for decades and are perfect for summer. There are an array of options to choose from. What I most love about rompers is how they can range from casual wear to formal wear!

The best aspect about this trend is how you can truly accentuate or hide certain features of your body depending on the length or style of your romper. This Fashionista made her bold statement with a long sleeve floral romper that showed off her long legs. She kept it casual and paired her outfit with black leather sandals but added some flare with her accessories. 

By pairing her outfit with black accessories, she allows herself to play with color, especially with her makeup. Her metallic playful eyeliner provides the right amount of vibrant color to her easy going ensemble! Like I always say, “less is more,” and it was so awesome to find a fellow Fashionista who could attest to that!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always tell myself less is more. You can honestly wear anything you want as long as you have the confidence to sell it and rock it. Don’t just do the norm of what you see every day. Do what fits you, and I promise you that’s the best outfit you can ever rock. I love black because it’s edgy and chic, but then I like to be girly sometimes, too. So why not combine both of them? There is no rule book, and people need to remember that. Make your own rules, then turn around and break them if you want to!”