Hooray, the holidays are here! What’s on your wish list this year? As the weather becomes colder, my fondness for scarves also grows. With all the different sales going on during this time of the year, I constantly find myself adding scarves to my online shopping cart—until, of course, I realize my lack of wealth as a college student and so I buy none of them.

Scarves have always made great accessories. When paired with basics, patterned scarves can really make an outfit stand out. Knit scarves give off a warm atmosphere that can transform a look from just comfy to comfy-chic. In general, scarves complement what you are already wearing and add an extra layer of style, while wrapping you in their warmth.

I love this Fashionista’s plaid scarf. The colors—red, green and navy—nicely complement the tan of her quilted coat and suede booties and remind us of the festiveness of the holiday season. Plaid is a classic print, and it pops out against the more neutral colors of the other clothes.The other accessory in this outfit, her diamond necklace, is simple, allowing the scarf to stand out even more. Her coat is quilted but not puffy, so wearing the scarf like a shawl isn’t overwhelming to her frame and instead provides a sleek silhouette. Underneath this coat, the Fashionista wears a cute elephant print tank top. Overall, this Fashionista dresses stylishly, warm and comfortably for her busy school days.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Stay comfy.”