Now that Thanksgiving has passed we can officially start getting ready for the Christmas season! With Christmas comes lots of family, friends, peppermint mochas and of course layers. With the cold December days starting to creep into our calendars comes the cold weather pieces starting to creep into our closets. One of the major cold weather pieces that everyone loves are scarves. There are so many ways you can accessorize with them as well as so many types you can chose from that can give your outfit various looks. This Fashionista decided to add this plaid blanket scarf to her outfit to give the outfit a little contrast. By mixing the patterns of the scarf and the pants she took a chance but she was able to pull the trend off perfectly. By keeping the top and the booties solid black, she was able to keep the outfit looking sleek yet fashionable.

On this blistery but not too chilly day this Fashionista decided to add the blanket scarf instead of a jacket, but even on the colder days you can add a jacket to this outfit to keep you a little warmer. Blanket scarves are definitely sticking around as a trend this winter. They are so simple to add to any outfit to keep you just a bit warmer and looking just a bit more fashionable. With the chilly weather, it is easy to get caught up in wearing sweatshirts and leggings but I encourage you to keep warm but don’t forget to be fashionable. Maybe even try something you normally don’t this holiday season, like mixing patterns. Keep styling and Happy Holidays Fashionistas/os!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns in your outfit ensembles. Contradicting pieces can be surprising and eye-catching!”