Suede has been all the rage this winter – and I’m not talking just the UGG boots walking down the sidewalk. We can thank the revival of ’60s-’70s era trends for the return of this true gem to our shops and boutiques and ultimately to our closets. This fabulous texture has been popping up left and right around campus, from shirts to vests to jackets to booties to skirts, that of which I found this Fashionista rocking downtown.

The overall color scheme of this outfit was directed toward the neutral color palette, but while some may say that this causes a boring look, this Fashionista made her earthy get up pop with the addition of the tantalizing texture of a suede skirt. By keeping the look relatively simple, she was able to direct attention to the skirt itself, ultimately letting it speak for itself, creating a trendy new twist on the traditional neutral look. Her pairing of the skirt with other harder textures like the leather jacket adds an added element of edge to the otherwise delicate suede.

This retro look is definitely working and is for sure going to stick around. It is easy to replicate this look by simply adding any element of suede into your wardrobe! But be sure not to go out head to toe in suede as that may be a tad much.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love adding texture to my outfits, and this specific suede skirt I love a lot because it is a popular trend right now and super easy to incorporate into my wardrobe while maintaining a comfy casual look!”