Sometimes the most effortless outfit can look the most put together, or at least that’s the mantra of this week’s Fashionista. While trying to plan pieces of an outfit to work together can be a fun challenge to start the day, grabbing one item, like a romper, jumpsuit or statement dress, can make the process easier.

The Fashionista here decided to select a bright and summery Lilly Pulitzer jumpsuit from last summer. Have no fear though, the brand knows that this style is a hit and has produced great ones for this season as well.

For the shorter gals, structured sandals with straps can provide an extra oomph of confidence and also stability. The Fashionista here chose a pair of Ivanka Trump heels, but this lace-up trend is pervasive lately, giving off a sexy but casual vibe all at once.

The Fashionista on the go focuses on packing only the essentials. A small cross-body bag is more than enough to hold cash, a cell phone and the ever-important Burt’s Bees to save this Fashionista’s lips in the summer.

While the outfit looks loud and put together, in actuality, the Fashionista admits that it took her 10 minutes to get ready, simply tossing her hair in a bun, sliding on the jumpsuit and going on her merry way, in style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “When you’re shopping for going out clothes, find simple pieces that look complex. Being able to actually just throw on an outfit without planning is pure bliss and makes the day that much easier.”