Do you remember skorts? You know, the shorts that had a piece of material in the front to resemble a skirt? Well, I certainly do. I had many skorts in many different colors and many different materials. They were perfect for playing on the playground because you could look fabulous while still going on the monkey bars without worrying about flashing your kindergarten boyfriend. My “playground” no longer consists of jungle gyms and puppy love. Instead, I now have an entire college campus to call my playground. On this campus I am constantly on the move whether I am going to class, a sorority function or some sort of random meeting. I need clothing that works for my lifestyle—I need skorts back in my life.

I would have to consider rompers to be a 2015 version of skorts. As luck may have it, rompers are currently the trendy new fashionable item being showcased by many students at University of Delaware. This particular Fashionista caught my attention with, what I thought to initially be, her patterned dress. She explained that the dress was actually categorized as a romper. Of course, this only made me love the outfit even more than I had originally loved it. What is great about this particular romper is it is super cute and super functional all at the same time. The straps are firmly situated on the Fashionista’s shoulders, so there is no need to worry about stray straps falling down. Also, the dress is short—but that’s ok! The shorts underneath the romper are there to help if the wind was to whisk away the outer layer.

Functionality is one of the largest contributors to whether a piece of clothing will sell or not sell. In addition to this romper being functional, it is also accessorized beautifully. The dainty beaded bracelet, beaded ring and monogrammed necklace are excellent accessories to the romper. The best accessories are those that are present and add to the outfit without being the center of attention. All in all, I can say I will be drawing inspiration from this Fashonista with her unique romper and subtle silver accents.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Rompers are the perfect in-between outfit for cute and comfortable clothing; invest in one and you will not regret it!”