Is it a dress? Is it shorts? No, it’s a romper! Everywhere you turn this summer you see rompers. They are super comfortable and ever so stylish. Rompers create the illusion that you really tried to find the perfect look; they add a dash of class and eliminate some of the challenges that dresses pose, all while remaining super versatile.

Rompers have become big in the fashion world. Every designer is adding them to their collection. From Marc Jacobs to alice + olivia, rompers are everywhere you look. Celebrities are also sporting them left and right. When I think of rompers, Kylie Jenner is the first Fashionista who comes to mind. Although, she is one of the most controversial celebrities, there is no doubt that she is a style icon. She’s worn rompers for every occasion from the red carpet to the grocery store. Rompers are great for all shapes, sizes and occasions. Although finding the perfect romper and accessorizing it appropriately can be a little bit of a challenge, this Fashionista did a wonderful job.

We all have a little black dress in our closet, but maybe having a little black romper is the next must-have in the fashion world. This Fashionista’s romper is simply gorgeous. With the slight V-neckline and the intricate flower design on the straps, it is much more than what first meets the eye. The black makes the ensemble easy to accessorize. This Fashionista chose a slouchy fringe sweater, which is perfect for a breezy summer day. She, then, added a little edge to the look with white, high-top, Converse All-Stars. In regards to jewelry, she keeps it simple. The golden E pendant adds a classy touch while the threaded bracelet and anklet keep things casual.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I advise everyone to go out and find the perfect black romper. I got extremely lucky because mine was only five dollars at Urban Outfitters. Rompers are great because they transition from day to night seamlessly, and I don’t have time to be changing clothes all the time with my busy schedule. When I’m wearing my romper all I have to do is change a few accessories, and I have a brand new look.”