Downtown Youngstown is more than meets the eye, and this Fashionista knows how to dress for it. For college students, the downtown area is usually only frequented on the weekends to experience the night life. What they miss out on are the various lunch spots and cozy coffee shops bustling throughout the day. This week, ditch the library and choose one of the cafes to do your summer finals studying. While you’re at it, take a cue from this Fashionista’s style. She wears a Lynyrd Skynyrd band T-shirt paired with a button-down denim pencil skirt. She keeps it casual with a pair of adidas Superstar sneakers. To keep her T-shirt from looking frumpy, she ties it up into a knot in the center.

It seems as though band T-shirts are popping up everywhere lately. Not familiar with many rock ‘n’ roll bands? Try searching styles on Etsy or check your local Goodwill. Once you find a style you like, look up the band on Spotify and scroll through their greatest hits. I have discovered some of my favorite songs by doing this.

Sneakers are the perfect addition to a girly outfit to keep your style more casual during the daytime. While adidas is my favorite brand, I’ve also come across some rad pairs that caught my eye. They include: New Balance, Common Projects (birthday present?), Kenneth Cole and Puma. The keys to nailing this athleisure detail are to pick a pair that reflects your personal style and make sure they are clean.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I choose to stay on the casual side when it comes to pairing skirts and dresses with my sneakers. However, don’t be afraid to rock your kicks with more girly pieces!”