STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Remarkable, Reliable Rompers

We’ve all been, there done that: your boyfriend calls you, asking to go on a dinner date and says to be ready in 15 minutes. What in the world is a Fashionista to do? I sometimes find that outfits I put together in a rush and under pressure are sometimes the best outfits! Rompers and dresses are the perfect solution to creating a fast, yet fabulous look in those times of a necessary “quick change.”

This Fashionista puts together a perfectly paired look that was convenient and simple for her to immediately throw on for any occasion. Her ASTR black based floral romper is dressed up with a pair of VINCE black leather bootie heels. She pulls her hair back in a high bun, which makes her romper stand out and emphasizes how perfect of a piece it is. This romper is great because it can be dressed up as this Fashionista has done, or it can be made casual with a pair of flats. Her Marc Jacobs bag is a must-have and complements this look, matching with the neutral colors in her romper.

I completely understand why rompers have been a huge trend in the past couple of seasons because they are so versatile, wearable and fashion-forward. I know this Fashionista and every other Fashionista out there would agree with me on this!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Rock a romper! Not only is it easy and quick to put together a perfect outfit, but its always comfortable and complementing. I love every romper I own, and I get so much use out of all of them! They are perfect for endless amounts of occasions.”