We all see those people on campus who look like they don’t even own a pair of sweatpants. They look fiercely stylish at all times of the day, even when cramming for a test in the depths of the library. Above all, their style always looks so effortless and comfortable. How does one achieve this level of comfort and style without secretly wearing the same pair of yoga leggings three days in a row?

The answer is simple: dresses and rompers. Every Fashionista knows that these are the bread and butter to the lazy girl guide to fashion. Why bother trying to pair multiple pieces of your wardrobe together to make an outfit when you can just put on one and be out the door? Rompers specifically have given Fashionistas infinite possibilities for outfits. Not only do these stylish pieces come in solid colors and patterns that show it is only one piece, but they are also designed to look like separates. If your personal style is sporty, preppy, bohemian or anything in between, it is possible to find a romper that fits your taste.

How do you style a one piece outfit? It’s simple enough. This Fashionista’s vintage romper is designed to look like separates. To continue with this illusion, she belted the waist with a belt with interesting hardware. To allow the romper to be the center of this outfit, she paired it with simple, black platform sandals and socks.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Your waist is your best friend. I don’t really care what the magazines or style blogs are saying these days about high-waisted stuff being out because they’ll never be out in my wardrobe. I’m all about the hourglass look. Feel confident in what you wear. I won’t leave the house unless I feel confident in myself and how I look. Looks aren’t everything, but everything in your day just seems a little brighter when you look good doing it.”