Strong and powerful. Those are two adjectives that many people strive to be or, at least, strive to seem. Leaders are often described using these words and, many times, leaders also dress to fit those words. “Dress to impress” is often the ideology behind the clothing worn and “power suit” is sometimes used to describe the outfit ensemble.

For college students, dressing in their power suit is important on presentation days in order to look and feel confident. This Fashionista was dressed for precisely that occasion. She puts a spin on the power suit and dresses in a way that shows her confidence without requiring extra effort as she walks through campus.

In this toned down version of the power suit, the key pieces become the shoes and jacket. Combat boots instantly make a statement by adding personality and edge to an outfit. In this case, the buckles are an extra boost to this Fashionista’s power suit by adding a sense of boldness. The brown jacket is also a key piece since the strong silhouette complements the edginess of her boots while adding color to the look. The brown keeps the outfit from becoming too edgy, and instead makes the look a bit more polished. A simple black blouse was the perfect bottom layer to her look since it keeps the focus on the jacket and complements the dark color scheme well. Overall, this look may not be what comes to mind when first hearing “power suit” but it makes this Fashionista look ready for anything that may come her way, including a presentation.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “This was my power outfit. Heavy boots and a leather jacket are an easy combo that feels put together, and personally, make me feel strong—on top of the world.”