It’s easy to get used to an outfit. For me, it’s black on black on black with some extra black (and maybe a minimalistic necklace if I’m feeling fancy!). Whether it’s varying dark shades, a crewneck and a pair of leggings or a dress with combat boots, everyone has that one outfit that reflects their basic style.

Winter is the perfect time to break this monotonous routine, as you can incorporate a bunch of different trends into one outfit. An exceedingly boring outfit can be spiced up with something as simple as a bold print.

This Fashionisto brought a bit of the ’90s back to life: dark denim with a pair of black Dr. Martens to create the perfect canvas for his navy microprint button-down. He accessorized with a pair of retro half-frame glasses and a classic leather jacket.

The addition of a printed piece brings a sense of organized chaos to a relatively simple outfit. Microprints have recently been seen on the runways, most notably in Jason Wu’s collections. You can stick with a timeless diamond design or go for a bolder statement in this watermelon button-down. For a truly minimalistic and office-friendly look, this dash button-down would look perfect under a charcoal blazer. Ladies, this microprint skater dress will give off a perfectly flirty vibe and would look effortlessly chic with some black tights and boots.

Glasses provide some clean lines next to his jacket’s silhouette. A classic pair of half- frames go with everything (even if you don’t need glasses to see!) To top off the look, this animal-friendly jacket will give off Danny Zuko vibes without being the center of attention.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Black, leather and suede are something everyone needs more of! Also, fit is the key to a good outfit. I don’t care how good it looks on the rack or the mannequin! If it doesn’t fit you properly, don’t waste your money on it.”