I bought my first blazer about three years ago. It was jet black with large gold buttons, a tad big and the white stripes in its patterned lining poked through perfectly when the sleeves were cuffed. I remember feeling transformed by this article of sable sleek clothing, which screamed professionalism and confidence as soon as I slipped it on. It’s just as well that I wore my blazer at any given opportunity back then, as they have been a bit out of style the past few years. Lucky for me, they are coming back.

With the arrival of fall, its timing couldn’t be better; blazers may very well be the ultimate apparel piece for layering. When it’s not quite cold enough for a coat and not quite hot enough for just a shirt—add a blazer. The fit can be flexibly loose or more structured and fitted. You can opt for the sleek black staple or go with a statement-making, patterned blazer. The versatility of this piece is endless and can fit into anyones closet.

Another fun addition to the blazer is a pair of matching pants. The “matched look,” so prominent in top-and-skirt sets, is transitioning into a more masculine flair via the pants option. As evidenced by its more frequent appearances in various runway shows, this combination is becoming a preferred method for adding confidence and chicness to your everyday life.

This Fashionista has picked an amazing muted floral blazer. It is oversized but offsets the tight skinny jeans and combat boots perfectly. She has also paired another pattern, the striped top, to go under the blazer. A stylish canvas bag adds a final touch of fun to the ensemble.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Blazers are a go-to for my closet. They are simple and can really complete an outfit with little effort.”