We all hate when we get a week of rain on the bright sunny days so scoot over those sweaters because there is another growing trend for this June season. It seems as though everyone owns a rain jacket. There are so many cute different styles of rain jackets nowadays. They are so lightweight and comfortable to wear when leaving the house even if it isn’t raining! Whether your style is more preppy or edgy, there is a rain jacket with a pattern and color out there for you!

This Fashionista is wearing a cute blue patterned full zip rain jacket paired with denim jeans, gold rings and black rain boots. Her rain jacket is cute enough to be appropriate for more than just being rainy out! The rain jacket has a hood for when it’s raining, pockets and has a draw string in the middle of the jacket to tie and to poof the rain jacket out to make it into a cute shape. She could wear her rain jacket to go get lunch, a walk through town and she could even unzip it to show a camisole underneath making it a cute different look to rock.

I love how this Fashionista chose to accessorize her rain jacket with a simple gold diamond ring. You do not need to accessorize much with this outfit because the first thing you see is her bright blue rain jacket. I think the Fashionista wore the perfect rain boots with her look. The rain boots are short so it does not take away from the rain jacket.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “This isn’t my only rain jacket I own. I really like making them seem as lightweight jackets even if they are rain jackets, they are cute and can be worn to many places!”