September 28th, 2015 at 2:10am

Preparing for a day in New York City always seems to be a struggle in the morning. Although it appears to be easy to simply tap open the weather app to check the forecast, the city never fails to surprise you. Such as when a supposed cloudy day turns into a rainy, wet one. Comfort then becomes a major must; yet, it can also conflict with the attempts to look fashionable. New Yorkers lately have been trending a simplistic, yet loose-fitting look for their rainy days. Before, wearing a heavy jacket, chunky rain boots and an umbrella has been the go-to outfit, but now New Yorkers try to show off their distinct fashion in any weather situation while still feeling snug into their outfit. This Fashionista displays the ability to feel comfortable in the rain but still look stylish and city-chic.

I ran into this Fashionista while heading over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although the rain can be a drag, this Fashionista is able to counter act it with a light loose-fitted blouse. The blouse gives a moderately tight feel allowing this Fashionista to breathe against the humidity. The choice of black, contrary to the gloominess of the day, plays with the softness of the top. These black Converse sneakers allow this Fashionista to have a better time to roam around the wet streets of New York City without the pain of blisters and easily sore feet. What I have learned while living in the city is that sneakers are a girl’s best friend. Her choice of shoes are not only easy to slip on in a moment’s notice, but also fit comfortably with any outfit she puts together. This Fashionista completes her look with beautiful accessories: a horseshoe pendant necklace and classy gem-studded watch. Surprisingly, her outfit also matched her black umbrella and backpack. It complemented her sleek look in the wet streets of the city.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to keep my outfits simple yet comfy when it rains. Especially in the city, standing out but feeling comfortable is a major must, and sometimes the rain makes it hard, so wearing loose blouses definitely hits both needs.”