STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rachel Green, Is That You?

Anyone who has binged watched the 236 episodes of Friends on Netflix knows who Rachel Green is. From that very first moment when she stormed into Central Perk rocking a wedding dress, she became an inspiration and style icon to all binge watchers. She knew how to make a bold statement and wasn’t afraid to make them! The ’90s and the early ’00s were marked by a major obsession with Rachel’s style, and like most I am very happy to say that the obsession is making a fast comeback for 2016.

When I first saw this outfit, I thought of two things: minimalism and Rachel Green (hence the title). Her plaid green (fitting right?) mini skirt immediately drew me in. It reminded me so much of Ms. Green’s classic look. She paired the plaid Old Navy skirt with a chunky black sweater, giving the look a minimalistic vibe as well as keeping her warm during the winter. To finish the look off, this Fashionista added some simple black tights and versatile black booties. By keeping her shirt and accessories black, it draws all the attention to the plaid skirt, which is perfect because it screams Rachel Green.

When I say this, I say it with the utmost sincerity: black booties are an absolute must in any wardrobe. I have about 10,000 pairs of shoes, but yet I always seem to wear my favorite pair of black booties every day. What can I say? They go with everything!

Rachel Green’s style will forever be a place of inspiration. While everyone will remember Rachel’s haircuts and her crazy ways, both this Fashionista and I believe that her stylish ensembles are just as memorable.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Rachel Green is a style icon of mine and I channel a lot of my outfits around her style. She is a great inspiration for classic looks!”