STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Put A Little Prep In Your Step

It’s summertime and the living’s easy! While endless beach days and late nights lie ahead, it’s important to remember those hidden gems buried underneath the rest of the clothes in your closet that are perfect for whatever your summer days (or nights) bring. Picking out an outfit every morning may not always be easy, but having an array of colors and elaborate patterns in your wardrobe can help to make the process a little brighter. This Fashionista is ready to face the summer heat with an outfit that is the definition of prepster.

From top to bottom, this Fashionista knows how to pair designer after designer to create an outfit that is both elegant and loud. She tries to stand out from the crowd a little more by wearing a blue Vineyard Vines tank top. While this Fashionista could go with the safe option and pair her already patterned skirt with a solid white tank top, she decides to take a risk and match it with a bright colored one. With the tailored neckline and the bright blue coloring, her outfit instantly screams summer. The next addition to her ensemble is a floral patterned Lilly Pulitzer skort. If a Lilly Pulitzer skort doesn’t scream “prepster” to you than I don’t know what does! She matches her tank top and the colors within her Lilly pattern perfectly. Lastly, this outfit is finished off with blue and white Jack Rogers sandals, which again, add to the preppy look.

These items together appear very flattering and can be worn for just about any occasion. Whether it’s brunch with the family, a day out shopping with the girls or a night out at an outdoor bar, this outfit is a great fit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear colors that make you happy. For me, printed patterns and bright colors are always the way to go in the summertime.”