I’ve always been a fan of eccentricity in fashion; I really believe that it brings that something extra to a world that often seems riddled by rules about what to wear. When I was younger I would watch the haute couture shows in wonder and incessantly browse NASTY GAL for interesting Jeffrey Campbell heels that would really make a statement. This obsession with the odd and the different has led to a preference for street style that doesn’t necessarily conform to the rules, and I was extremely excited when I found an individual that decided to focus on an item that wasn’t necessarily the norm.

I found this Fashionisto on the streets of a small seaside town in England and immediately appreciated his refreshing take on sailing prep that involved something so literally sailor. The focal point, the something that makes his outfit stand out above the rest, is the Captain’s hat. This unique item serves as a starting point for the rest of his outfit to match and the key here is to keep the hat as the most important item and not overshadow it with the rest of his clothing. He has done this with a nautical style blue stripe shirt over dusky blue chinos. These are complemented by a velvet blazer that offsets the blues and gives them depth. To bring out the gold tones of the hat as well, he’s worn a watch with a gold mechanical face. There is the added detail of the Chinese lucky coin necklace to add a well-seasoned sailor vibe. What it all comes down to is the fact that he has tailored his outfit to cater to the nature of one bold item.

Using an unusual item as a focal point can often go against a great desire to fit in; however, it can be a great way to achieve an overarching look while adding something unique to the picture. With the British weather finally beginning to warm, there is no better time to experiment with things you may not have considered before. The best way to do this is to pick one item and to just dive in and make it the most important piece in your outfit. That way you stand out without having to jump too far out of your comfort zone. There’s an old sailor’s phrase, “pushing the boat out,” that roughly means going the extra mile, or being bold. So be brave and push the boat out today!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just go for it.”