STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Professional With A Twist of Casual

Now that school is back in session, it’s time to focus on what to wear to the classroom. This means that it’s time to put away those board tanks and shorts and pull out the button-down shirts and long pants. Although most public colleges and universities don’t require formal attire, it is important to always look presentable when going to and from classes because who knows, a person you meet tomorrow on campus may become a vital career connection or even your future boss.

This Fashionisto decided to style his outfit in a way that infuses a professional look with a casual twist. He paired his light purple collared button-down shirt with a pair of long khaki pants. Transitioning from summer to fall, the light purple color of the shirt perfectly reflects the change in season. By having on a long sleeve shirt, you are able to stay warm in the air conditioned classrooms but also have the ability to roll them up as needed when outside (like this Fashionisto has done).

Tan khakis are a must-have item when it comes to looking professional. Khakis have the ability to give off a clean-cut simple look through its seamless design and subtle color. They not only complement collared shirts for an overall clean professional look, but they pair well with graphic T-shirts and tanks to get a more casual look as well.

The causal twist, as you might have already guessed, is the pairing of sneakers with the overall professional look. Getting to and from classes in dress shoes may not be ideal or comfortable, thus this Fashionisto went for a bold twist of pairing casual with professional. Since the overall look (the shirt and pants) is very simple in color and design, the red sneakers add a bold pop of color that makes the look more interesting and modern. It emphasizes an adult professional look with a young adolescent vibe as well, perfectly reflecting the college students’ life (not quite an adult but not quite a kid). Plus, it doesn’t hurt that rushing to class on a skateboard is much easier when you wear sneakers rather than dress shoes.

Even on your busiest school days, always make sure you are looking nice and professional and be sure to incorporate comfort!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Whenever I’m choosing what to wear, I generally try to incorporate a formal component as well as a casual component. As a man, you can easily mix a button-down shirt or dress-shoes to jeans to give a comfortable and professional vibe. Also, I recommend to any students living on a college campus to get a skateboard. It is a fantastic way to travel to and from classes very quickly!”