This season, plaid button-downs and flannels have been a staple in every college student’s wardrobe. You can find them in various color combinations and fits at nearly every retailer. They are such a versatile item because they can be dressed up or down and are an easy addition to any outfit.

As this Fashionista shows, plaid button-downs can be a great layering piece. She wears her button-down over a basic white T-shirt and layers a navy blue vest over it. Plaid button-downs and flannels are often times thrown over graphic T-shirts or tied around the waist. As a college student, layering is essential to ensure you will be comfortable in the classroom, the library and your dorm room. The rich red, green and navy colors really brighten up the outfit, and the navy vest brings out the less prominent navy color in the plaid.

This Fashionista keeps her outfit comfortable with a pair of black leggings. To make this outfit appropriate for the cold weather and snow, she wears snow boots and a gray infinity scarf.

While this Fashionista is rocking a more oversized button-down, a fitted one can be tucked into skirts, jeans and worn under jackets or blazers. A dressier way to layer your plaid button-down would be wearing a crewneck sweater over it with the collar sticking out. This season, plaid is a huge trend for many different clothing items and accessories. It is a great and easy way to add color and break up the look of solid pieces.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Look for plaid button-downs and flannels in the men’s section to find richer colors. They may even be less expensive than in the women’s section!”