June 23rd, 2016 at 2:10am

Summer is my favorite season because I love warm weather, beach trips and, of course, summer style. Some of my favorite summer trends are anything ’80s (such as jumpsuits, spandex and platform shoes), and the sheer and silk lingerie-style looks trending this summer. Overall, I think the major key to summer 2016 style is less is more. This summer, make it all about taking style risks and fun times.

The summer has been hot so far, so don’t be afraid to show some leg with a denim mini skirt or let your back out with a cute lace halter top. These summer looks are definitely easier said than done—finding the perfect lace halter that doesn’t expose too much is sometimes a task, and ’80s looks that are vintage-style and not drab are sometimes a challenge to find. Let me give you a few tips on some places that you can find your latest summer looks at without emptying your wallet. First, thrift stores are your friend! Thrift stores have gobs and gobs of ’80s style just waiting for you. Yes,they can be time consuming to go through, but trust meit’s worth it to have that unique vintage style. Second, don’t be afraid to raid a closet or two. Remember, your parents lived in the ’80s, (and if they are anything like mine, they still have it with lost hopes of living it again some day).

Now, onto this rad Fashionista: When I approached this Fashionista for a photo, she actually told me she also used to be a Style Guru herself at George Washington University—shout out to the Fashionistas at GW! This Fashionista is definitely rocking the ’80s look with a pleated knee-length skirt, and her short chunky heel lace-up shoes from Zara were just the right summer ’16 style to top off her look, paired with a Steve Madden purse (a brand name we all know and love). And lastly, the pop of pink in her shirt was just the flare the outfit needed to make heads turn at the new internship that she started that day!

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For summer ’16, it’s all in the sunglasses and shoes! I love a chic pair of shades and an awesome pair of shoes to make a simple finished look.”