I spent the weekend celebrating the 21st birthday of this Fashionista, and she continued to impress me all weekend with her put together looks and timeless style. Her outfits are always put together down to the last detail, and not one element every looks out of place. But, she also faces a challenge that would be difficult for any Fashionista: she is only 4’10. Being petite brings its own set of gifts and difficulties, but this Fashionista always manages to dress for her height.

The main element of this outfit is the blue and white checkered dress. This was bought a few weeks ago from Anthropologie’s Petite section, which has recently moved from being online only to existing in stores. This is such a gift because it allows for Fashionistas to be able to try on clothes fitted for them, not items that need to be tailored or items bought online because they’ll fit. All body sizes and shapes deserve to have brick-and-mortar stores where everyone can feel at home.

Her dress hits right below the knee, a look that comes off as youthful because of peaks of and the playful collar. If she wanted to take it a step farther, decorative collars have become a new must-have accessory this season. But the back of her dress speaks for itself, with sweet lace up the back juxtaposed by an edgier zipper.

She kept her jewelry simple with a pearl bracelet and pearl studs. Her nail polish adds an edge to the outfit that carries it from family brunch to out with friends. Her tan wedges give her a little bit of height without detracting from her outfit, a gift that not many people have. But this Fashionista manages to embrace her height and classic sense of style while still adding a little bit of funk.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Treat every day like it’s dress-up.”