Trends come and go within the fashion world. Despite the ever-changing landscape, there are certain trends that not only pervade the style industry, but also plant their roots to form a lasting impression amongst fashion lovers. The prepster trend is a timelessly elegant style that has been worn throughout the decades. Although the style has cemented itself as a leading aspect of the industry, the fashion has certainly veered off in different directions to adopt new tastes and influences.

When walking around Fordham’s campus, individuals can definitely see that students are inspired by the styles that have been born out of the prepster trend. L.L. Bean boots are strutted from class to class, Ralph Lauren insignias are consistently seen on sweaters and shirts and Vineyard Vines pullovers are a campus staple. Needless to say, this trend has largely inspired Fashionista/os on Fordham’s campus as well as many other universities.

This week’s Fashionisto is an aficionado when it comes to dressing preppy. He was seen sporting some quintessential preppy threads around campus on an early spring day. His all-American look is seamlessly complemented by the various classical pieces he adorns. His button-down shirt is made casual by his dark wash jeans. He stays warm with his quilted coat that features a corduroy collar. His chic shoe choice ties together his polished look. Finally, he completes his style by incorporating a unique, needlepoint belt to make his outfit truly stand out.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When the seasons start to change and the temperature suddenly increases, I would change my shoe choice. A great alternative to the shoes I’m wearing is a classic pair of loafers. They can be worn without socks to signify that the transitional season will soon be ushering in warmer days. “