STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Preppy Preparation for Spring and Summer

April 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

With signs of spring in bloom it’s hard to know when certain looks are appropriate to start being worn. Are open toe shoes acceptable yet? Can I wear those white jeans? How short is too short at this point in the season? All completely suitable questions we ask ourselves waking up to 40-degree weather in the mornings knowing our afternoons are expected to be 70.

Luckily, this Fashionista has all the right tips and tricks when it comes to transitioning her closet, with a little extra prep in her step. It’s the 21st century and white jeans are starting to be worn… before Memorial Day. Some of us (old fashioned) gurus still have subtle panic attacks when seeing white jeans being broken out mid-March. But in this ever changing industry we love, as soon as the season officially changes to spring it is seemly appropriate to start wearing white, so yes Fashionistas, its time to bring them back out! This Fashonista’s light knit top fits accordingly to WGSN’s Color Evolution, spring and summer color predictions for 2016. This season we’re expected to see spring pinks move away from softer tones to pops of vibrant of pinks and corals. All in which fit accordingly to every prepsters closet color pallet. Our Fashionista also wanted to inform those who are venturing out to preppy styles how important stripes and patterns are when starting to build a preppy wardrobe, “patterns are always incorporated in almost every look!”

This time of the year is also that awkward in-between of not comfortably being able to wear riding boots or booties nonetheless, being able to wear a full mid-calf goddess sandal and feel “alright” walking out of your home. Though the question, “Do they even make shoes other than Jack Rogers and Sperry Top-Siders for spring wardrobes,” has probably already crossed your mind through the introduction of this paragraph. As our Fashionista would have it, there is in fact another preppy alternative. Nude flats, and flats in general are indispensable during this time of year, they’re not a heavy wear and still allow for breathability and flexibility within a look.

As far as finishing touches go, simplicity is best when going prep. “Classy girls wear pearls,” any pearl accessory is sure to give off that polished look. In this look our Fashionista has a set of pearl earrings and bracelets on helping to tie the overall theme of prep together throughout her look. Watches are big, literally and metaphorically right now in the fashion industry. Wearing a watch comes off not only as a statement piece but allows for the presentation of yourself and your look, to come off as prepared!

Preparing to be preppy this spring is a matter of practicing to achieve looks that are full of equal parts in playfulness and sophistication. Follow our Fashionistas few simple rules when going to pull your look together and take the advice of one of the most highly recognizable prepters herself, Lilly Pulitzer, and “despite the forecast, live like it’s the spring.”

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?  “Practicality is key. Dressing preppy helps me feel sophisticated and classy. I stay away from overly eye-catching patterns because I have more respect for outfits that aren’t a distraction to you as a person. Dressing preppy is a representation of who I am stylistically, and so my advice to you would be dress yourself in a manner that represents who you want to be, but understand that although fashion is all about representing yourself. It’s only a small part of who you are, so don’t over think it, that’s when you get the best looks!”