It might be tempting in this dreary, cold weather to just throw a sweatshirt under your coat as you head off to class, but I find one of the best ways of combating a sad-looking day is to wear a great outfit. One easy way to stay warm and stylish is to layer different pieces together to achieve that casually preppy look. Sometimes when you look good, you end up feeling good, too.

This Fashionista nailed her casual winter look. She not only layered different pieces to stay warm and stylish, but she also mixed prints to keep the look interesting. She wore a simple white button-down under a collegiate inspired gray sweatshirt with a printed number on it. She then added a simple black coat with red plaid lapels that created more depth for the outfit. She finished the look with a black and white graphic tote and gold earrings with mint green inlay. To keep the ensemble casual and simple, she also wore a pair of dark skinny jeans and basic black boots.

The layers of this Fashionista’s ensemble is what pulled the look together. By wearing a white collared shirt under her simple gray sweatshirt she made the outfit refreshing and trendy. Similarly, her statement coat with the plaid lapels brought some color into the preppy look, while also mixing interestingly with her huge, graphic tote.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layers! I like to wear a button-down under a sweater and a coat to make my look more put together.”